Routine Rut

I hate routine. Always have and it seems, for now at least, always will. For me, life gets boring when the same thing is happening every day and there is no excitement or spontaneity. Truly, the purpose of life cannot be simply living the same day again and again. This rut is unbearable. I don't … Continue reading Routine Rut


Making The Day Count

I think in the routine-grind of every day, we all forget to tend to our own needs, wants and desires. With a hectic lifestyle, and no rest for the entire week, we get so drained and most of us don't even notice it. That's why I have decided to start doing at least one thing … Continue reading Making The Day Count

Hidden in Plain Sight

I read an article on Collective Evolution the other day called 'Love Maybe Hiding in Plain Sight' ( It talked about how people are falling in love with those whom they hadn't imagined falling in love with. I think it is so true, that even though we have these mental images or traits that we … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight