Another Beginning

So, it has been a while since I have written, but I had a good reason! I finally got a job (and I am loving it! *Mcdonald's pada-pa-pa-pa plays in your head*)! I am an intern for now, but yes it is fun, amazing and I get to write (YAY!) Life has taken a new … Continue reading Another Beginning


Reading Between the Lines

I read this interesting Instagram post today by Collective Evolution that read: "If all religions teach peace, why can't all religions achieve peace?" I think the biggest obstacle to achieving peace is that all religions stress more on the practices and rituals, rather than the philosophies behind them; another very potential reason is that we … Continue reading Reading Between the Lines

Hidden in Plain Sight

I read an article on Collective Evolution the other day called 'Love Maybe Hiding in Plain Sight' ( It talked about how people are falling in love with those whom they hadn't imagined falling in love with. I think it is so true, that even though we have these mental images or traits that we … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight

United? Hell, No. But We can Change.

As India approaches its 71st Independence Day, I thought its time someone spoke the truth about our wonderfully diverse (and segregated) society. India boasts of being a secular country, where diverse people from all religions, classes, castes etc. are given a place to reside. Looks so great, no? Let's dive in a little deeper, shall … Continue reading United? Hell, No. But We can Change.