Twisted Rose Petal

Water filled the rock, the rock with a burning, molten orange at its Core. Water flooded the rock, to occupy all of it. But a lone rose petal, stood up and asked, for mercy and for some land for the petal and its family. The water granted its wish, and gave it some land. But … Continue reading Twisted Rose Petal


Mother Nature

The wind howled, the trees shook; People screamed with joy, The heat replaced by The sudden torrential rain; While the people rejoiced, She cried all alone, The wind howling, the clouds crying, the uprooted trees, the torn leaves, She howled with the wind, She cried with the rain; Where others saw pleasure and relief, She … Continue reading Mother Nature

United? Hell, No. But We can Change.

As India approaches its 71st Independence Day, I thought its time someone spoke the truth about our wonderfully diverse (and segregated) society. India boasts of being a secular country, where diverse people from all religions, classes, castes etc. are given a place to reside. Looks so great, no? Let's dive in a little deeper, shall … Continue reading United? Hell, No. But We can Change.