High School

Denmark truly is the happiest place on Earth, or at least it was while I lived there from 2007-2010. I was in high school and being the daughter of a diplomat, I was used to changing countries every few years, but my heart never broke the way it did when I left that place. High … Continue reading High School

Monday is Back!

As another week begins, I can't help but wonder why all this hate keeps spewing for Monday. I get it, I really do. Saying goodbye to the weekend is no easy job. I know, I was planning to be sound asleep an hour ago. Yet, here I am ready for bed but not really in … Continue reading Monday is Back!

The Loneliest Sign of the Zodiac

One may never understand the difference between a Leo licking her wounded ego or a Cancerian hiding deep within the sand to hide from predators.But really, how could one possibly rise up to the exceedingly selfish expectations of a Leo and protect the bitter fragility and ice-thin sensitivity of a Cancerian? And after all these … Continue reading The Loneliest Sign of the Zodiac