She closed her eyes and dived right in, into the Abyss of the Deep Unknown; She refused to let her fright stop her might, Forcing her lungs to keep breathing, her heart beating ferociously, struggling to move on; She wrapped the Cloak of Purple around her broken soul, as she dived further and further into … Continue reading Triumphant



She looked at the trees, as they courtesied their greetings; The sky with its arms wide open, and the clouds expressing, while the Wind twirled around her. She closed her eyes to listen, to their excitement, wondering if she could still hear them. She heard all right, not only the excitement but also the pain, … Continue reading Alive


She stared at the vast sky, her eyes vacantly scanning the clouds for a sign, Sign of the fact that she would be gone soon; The end of an era. The lights twinkled on the buildings, illuminating her face with colors; She let herself smile a little, the abyss ahead still lurking in her head. … Continue reading Abyss