I didn't dare look back, as my footsteps echoed on the stone-cold pavement of your heart. The smoke filled my lungs, as the fire consumed not just you, but everything that we could ever possibly be. Ash settled down everywhere, charring your concrete soul. I left you with your Carpe Diem, As I took Hope … Continue reading Bridges



The roads where we once roamed, The places where we once sat, keep me tangled to the trees that hold our breath. Every green bike on the street, Every helmet I see, Brings back a desperate hope, for a hopeless heart like me. It is the memories that sting, not your absence in the wind. … Continue reading Tangled


Running into the wind, Searching for Mother, Those two-legged creatures everywhere; Destroying his Habitat. One more home cut down today, Only few more homes left standing. His tears rolled down, as the Destruction swept into his very being. He looked around one last time, for a glance of his mother, as the Carbon took his … Continue reading Running


There are many voices that remain unheard, the voices of those who are few in number, the voices of those hidden under the bed, the voices of those turned away and silenced, or simply the voices of those who choose to be silent. Must we keep racing towards the Dark? Running away from the light … Continue reading Human