Making The Day Count

I think in the routine-grind of every day, we all forget to tend to our own needs, wants and desires. With a hectic lifestyle, and no rest for the entire week, we get so drained and most of us don't even notice it. That's why I have decided to start doing at least one thing … Continue reading Making The Day Count


Letter to Self for the Difficult Days

I wrote this letter to my self on 10th October at 3 a.m. in the night while going through a tough week and it instantly made me feel better. Posting it here in the hope that it might help others too. Cheers! Dear Self, I know there are days when you have no idea what … Continue reading Letter to Self for the Difficult Days

Hidden in Plain Sight

I read an article on Collective Evolution the other day called 'Love Maybe Hiding in Plain Sight' ( It talked about how people are falling in love with those whom they hadn't imagined falling in love with. I think it is so true, that even though we have these mental images or traits that we … Continue reading Hidden in Plain Sight