To Be Feared or To Be Loved?

Have you wondered why, us human beings have taken more pride in being feared rather than being loved? Is it because of our own fears that we feel like we have triumphed over Fear itself when we get a fearful reaction out of someone or something else? I remember reading a newspaper article a couple … Continue reading To Be Feared or To Be Loved?

Twisted Rose Petal

Water filled the rock, the rock with a burning, molten orange at its Core. Water flooded the rock, to occupy all of it. But a lone rose petal, stood up and asked, for mercy and for some land for the petal and its family. The water granted its wish, and gave it some land. But … Continue reading Twisted Rose Petal

United? Hell, No. But We can Change.

As India approaches its 71st Independence Day, I thought its time someone spoke the truth about our wonderfully diverse (and segregated) society. India boasts of being a secular country, where diverse people from all religions, classes, castes etc. are given a place to reside. Looks so great, no? Let's dive in a little deeper, shall … Continue reading United? Hell, No. But We can Change.