Sunday nights almost always have an added pressure on them. Being the night before the work week starts, a good night usually signals a good week. So why am I awake at 2:30 a.m., even though I need to wake up early and get to work? Nightmares.

To be honest, I didn’t plan on writing today or anything, but for some reason my nightmare scare seemed like it could only be cured by writing. And adding life lessons to minor routine things is one of the many things that I do best.

I dared to turn off the lights and sleep tonight. I never close the lights when I am alone since it makes me anxious every time my eyes happen to open in the middle of the night and I wake up alone in the darkness. Tonight, however, for some reason, I thought it would a good idea to close the lights. Alas, nightmares were not too far behind.

There are two kinds of nightmares. One that you know for sure are just nightmares because they are too unrealistic to be true. But then, there are the other nightmares where you are still in your own room, in the same darkness and you hear knocking on the bathroom door which continues to get louder and louder and more urgent. And it gets worse when you open your eyes, in the very same room, the very same darkness and your eyes are looking at that very same bathroom door. For a few seconds, I really didn’t know what to do. I nearly jumped off the bed, to turn on the light, the switch of which was directly behind me. I dropped a message to the one person who I knew would call back and after a minute of talking, as I put down the phone I realized something horrifying: I was still scared and still couldn’t sleep. And thanks to the added pressure of this night, it only made my mind go into over-drive wondering what this meant for the rest of my upcoming week?

As I lay there in bed, I noticed someone else’s bedroom light was also on. And for some reason, that gave me an odd comfort, almost as a sign that I wasn’t alone. Immediately, after which I got up and started typing here.

I think that is the beauty of the night time. There are so many things we don’t notice in the hustle bustle of the day, but during the night, even the tiniest of sounds or sights can narrate epiphanies.

As the clock ticks to 3 a.m., the infamous ‘un-Godly’ hour, I am still in doubt whether I am going to try to sleep again tonight. But, as long as the light is on in the other bedroom, I think I should be fine.

Have a great week ahead, and stop putting so much pressure on Sunday nights. They don’t really determine how your week ahead is going to go.




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