For the past few days, I have been feeling out of bounds and for some reason, really frustrated. I couldn’t put my finger on it until today afternoon, I heard it.

“Your reliability factor is going down to zero.”

And it struck me. As I opened the tabs of my mind to the last few days, I replayed all the scenarios where I thrashed my reliability.

Whether it was going against my own beliefs to keep someone happy, or not responding to a friend who really wanted to meet up or simply slacking off at the times when I really needed to bring my ‘A’ game.

Improvement can only be attained by lurking through your own dark waters and it’s not a pretty picture, but if you won’t do it, who else will?

And of course, there are days when you just need to be by yourself. It’s important you can tell that to the people you are close to, without having to censor yourself.

Hoping that by making amends, I can let go of the frustration that’s building up inside and also not to blame anyone else for the decisions I took independently.

Make sure you find the time to check in on yourself frequently, you never know what signs you are missing out on!


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