Surrounded by people, yet completely alone;

In a destitute state of mind, with plenty of options.

Boarding the spaceship of imagination, she wandered away,

Flying to unexplored territories, reliving moments of unexplainable joy;

Some people saw her quiet, but really, she was just lost,

Lost in the dreams of beauty and star-spangled skies;

Her happy places were many, and so she lived in abundance,

In the abundance of dreams, hopes and prayers;

A never-ending universe of thoughts filled with darkness and light.

She would be running around in meadows, throwing flowers out of her basket

Underneath azure skies and limitless wonderous fluffy clouds;

She could be dancing the night away in broad daylight,

On the dark dancefloor with dazzling lights;

What goes on in her mind, was something no one could ever guess,

Was she running around the planets, or just quietly typing away?

Only the smile on her face and the spark in her eyes could give away the answer.




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