I read this interesting Instagram post today by Collective Evolution that read:

If all religions teach peace, why can’t all religions achieve peace?”

I think the biggest obstacle to achieving peace is that all religions stress more on the practices and rituals, rather than the philosophies behind them; another very potential reason is that we are not taught about other religions and basic human nature has become to fear what it does not know/understand.

If we just see the practices without knowing the reason why a practice takes place, it is easy for prejudice and bias to come into play. It is important to withhold judgment until something is understood.

Being a Hindu, I’ll make an example of the Cow, that we consider holy. The Cow is considered holy because of all that is provided by it: milk, curd, cheese, ghee, cream etc. It is revered due to its usefulness. All good, but then, trying to curtail the freedom of other religions which might eat beef, is when this becomes negative. We are living in our world where what others are doing ‘affect’ us, yet we do not wish to see the ‘effect’ that our actions have. And it becomes worse if you start believing that someone is eating beef just to piss you off.

It is important to realize that everyone has a different approach, a different perspective on what is right and wrong, what is good and bad, rendering all these terms relative. Once you become aware of this and accept this, only then can you leave biasedness and let the light of truth free you from your chains.

There is not a problem with religions, the problem is in the way we approach them and what we take away from them. The bigger question is:

Are we practicing our religions for salvation, or are we using them for power and domination?ย 

Think about it, and the answer will definitely cause some self-reflection and hopefully, opening the door for the truth to enter and set you free.

Also: try figuring out the philosophy behind what you are practicing and why. It will definitely help you to understand your own religion better and maybe after that, you can try getting to know the other religions as well? There is really no harm in trying.


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