I can’t sleep anymore,

Can’t stay awake anymore,

‘Cause I feel the shadow creeping,

Everywhere I look, I can see it and

it burns my heart, flooding my mind

with the memories that I keep locked

in a treasure chest; memories that give

my lonely existence a gentle reminder

of a Love that consumed everything and

left a Void that seems impossible

to fill.

In my silence are filled those conversations

that filled my days and nights, the right words

that I need to hear, the tough criticism for

my lazy ways, the words of kindness when

I felt like slipping away, the reminders of

my unfindable destination.

I take those gems out according to

my need, sometimes the rotten ones

too, for simply making the pain a little less,

to take my eyes off the Void for a while.

The shadow always by my side,

was always


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