Have you wondered why, us human beings have taken more pride in being feared rather than being loved? Is it because of our own fears that we feel like we have triumphed over Fear itself when we get a fearful reaction out of someone or something else?

I remember reading a newspaper article a couple of years ago that read ‘Lions now afraid of Humans’. Is this meant to be reassuring? Reassuring because we have feared lions and other similar predators and now, they are the ones afraid of us? Is that why animals killed by humans through hunting is called ‘game’?

To me, it actually seemed like bad news, because what does one do when they are scared and backed into a corner? They attack, they fight. Our fear has been learnt, translated and inculcated by animals and perhaps, even plants. What can’t be used as a commercial/economic commodity is a waster for us. We never got beyond our useless needs and endless wants.

Yes, there are people who trying to bring a change, I watch those Nature T.V. Channels: they grab the animals, insert a tracking device inside them and then send them off; how would we feel like if the same were to be done to us?

We are all part of the same magical star-dust that brought us to life, yet look at our hypocrisy and double standards. We kill cows, goats, ducks, fish, chicken and god knows what else, but if somewhere dogs are being eaten, that becomes an abomination, and don’t get me started on humans eating humans.

You cannot condemn the killing and eating of one and slaughtering another based on YOUR perception. You can’t end the slaughter of one unless you end slaughter of all. Every creature wants to live, no body wants to die. We all are so afraid of death, yet we refuse to see the fear in the eyes of those that we slaughter. Our fear has blinded us to the fears of others. Why not be filled with love instead to cure our blindness?

Let’s replace fear with love, shall we?


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