I read an article on Collective Evolution the other day called ‘Love Maybe Hiding in Plain Sight’ (https://www.collective-evolution.com/2018/08/17/love-may-be-hiding-in-plain-sight/). It talked about how people are falling in love with those whom they hadn’t imagined falling in love with. I think it is so true, that even though we have these mental images or traits that we are looking for in a partner, we often fall in love with completely different people.

It is a clear sign that we are evolving into higher planes. The notion that was put into our heads about what is attractive and what isn’t, is dissolving and we are looking for true and deeper connections.

Many times we are the ones who stop ourselves from falling in love, because of the things that we have made in our heads about how the right person for us should and shouldn’t be. But these notions stop us from listening to our intuition, our gut feeling and we miss out on people we could have had an amazing connection with. Life is too short to let stupid notions come in between true feelings.

I have rushed into relationships, I have taken the time to get out of relationships, but I have no regrets because I put my heart and soul into those relationships. And I must have done something right since my first love is now my best friend. Don’t be scared of listening to your heart, of following its directions and most of all, don’t be scared of getting your heart broken. Each time my heart has been broken, I have risen higher, evolved and leveled up.

Go, fall in love! You never know, the One might just be in front of you.


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