As India approaches its 71st Independence Day, I thought its time someone spoke the truth about our wonderfully diverse (and segregated) society. India boasts of being a secular country, where diverse people from all religions, classes, castes etc. are given a place to reside. Looks so great, no? Let’s dive in a little deeper, shall we?

You ask an Indian person where they are from, and the first thing that will come out of their mouth is which State they are from and same state people will be ganging up together. Of course, if you meet one of us abroad, we will say India only, since we know you have no idea about our States. Then caste will come, if Hindu, otherwise religion, and trust me, even in those other religions caste equivalents are probably present. I mean, sure, this is not that big of a deal right?

Let’s talk about marriage. India which boasts of becoming the new super-power is super-backward when it comes to mixing things up, society-wise. Here you find honor killings for people who want to get married to someone to another caste and wait till I get to inter-religion marriages. If you really want to test Indian unity, get into an inter-religion relationship and then tried to get married. Try it. If it’s between Hindu-Sikh, Hindu-Jain, Hindu-Buddhist, not a problem because we consider Sikhs, Jains, and Buddhists as part of Hinduism only. Don’t believe me? Read the constitution, or better, try googling Special Marriage Act. Bring in Christians and Muslims and that’s where the fun begins. Christians, Muslims! They ruled over us, they have done so many conversions, blah, blah, blah, love jihad! Also, as I write this, I know it may seem as if I am pointing fingers at only one religion, but I am sure vice-versa also happens. So I am pointing fingers at all of you.

I am not saying all of this to piss people off. I am saying this to make people understand, that yes, our country does have what it takes to be the next super-power. Since we are ready to take on such big responsibilities, shouldn’t we lead the world by example, by showing that we can truly be united? That we can rise above small petty things that won’t even matter in the coming years? Can we do that? Can we remove all backwardness from our country?

I am not saying to go and get married to a person from a different religion or a different caste also, just for the sake of it. I am saying let those who love each other be together, despite these little differences. Let love win the day and all the coming days after that. First and foremost, we are all Indians. In the outside world, people have reached marrying people from both different countries and different religions. These things don’t matter anymore. What matters is love.

No one wins when two people who love each other, have to leave each other just because of religion, or caste or even gender. The world is filled with enough hate, aren’t you sick and tired? Can’t you feel all that hate, toxicity fill your lungs, your soul? Can’t you see the hate with which even Mother Earth pours vengeance on us?

When will it all end? Will we go down screaming, or will we rise up with love? Love for one other, love for every human being, love for every animal, plant, bacteria, virus, every single atom that makes up the Universe.

We can end the hate. It all starts with you.



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