Do you think that the only reality that exists is yours? Your reality differs from the person sitting right next you, in fact it differs from me, the person whose blog post you are reading.

My reality is full of things that you can never comprehend, and things I cannot make you understand even if I started telling you about it. My reality is heavily guarded, I tend to accept and become a part of the reality of the person who I am in direct conversation with. I have learnt from experience that is a nearly impossible task to change the view point of someone else; so I simply nod my head in agreement and remain silent when I know the person in front of me will simply not break free of his/her own reality.

I know this makes me sound really snobbish, but the truth of the matter is, you don’t really know who I am. To think that you can figure out who I am completely, just by seeing this one side of me, will honestly be foolish. The same goes for everyone you interact with on a daily basis, you will never truly know them 100%. It makes no difference whether are family, close friends or mere acquaintances.

Their reality will always be different from your reality and in each of their realities, there will exist a different version of you. The you that you feel you know and that others know as well is just a mere illusion. An illusion, because the you that you feel you know so well, will be different the very next moment. Even you will fail to recognize yourself in the actions of the past that you, yourself, did.

Mind-boggling right? Yeah, my mind is boggled too. One, None and a Hundred Thousand by Luigi Pirandello is really mind-altering!

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