Ever since I was little, I always had a keen interest in the enivronment around me and the inhabitants that lived within in.Β  I remember playing with earthworms, chasing butterflies and staring at the sky while singing songs.

I had lost this wonder for life, the little joys that make living as a human being a miraculous blessing. Ever since mu near brush with Death, I feel like my entire system has been rebooted!

Today, while I was separating a small pile of curry leaves for Maa, checking to see which ones were good to be used for cooking and which ones would go back to the soil, I found a tiny snail. I know it may not seem like a big deal, but I had just learnt something new!

I always thought that snails, like hermit crabs, find their shells instead of being born with them, because slugs are basically snails without shells. To my amazement, this tiny snail had an equally cute and tiny shell on it! I went absolutely crazy over it! It filled me with so much joy to be able to witness something so tiny, that nowadays 99.9% people wouldn’t even bother looking at.

Life has become all about deadlines and timelines and in between we forget how to live, how to love and how to enjoy this gift of life that we have been so generously bestowed with! Take time out for little things that brought you joy as a kid or even things that bring you joy as an adult!

There is no shame in living life with Wonder! Ignore anyone who says otherwise, they’re probably jealous they can’t live as fully as you!


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