How many times do we get angry at or mean to somebody when we personally are feeling anxious, agitated or tensed? 99% of the time when we act aggressively towards someone else, we are going through something emotionally that facilitates this response from us.

My brother and I have this thing that we do to maintain the peace where we either tell each other why we are in a bad mood or we simply tell each other to keep some space or back off until we are in a head space to talk about it. Communication is really the key here. It helps with pretty much everything. Wherever there is a communication gap, there you will always find some conflict going on. Without communication, it is like you want the other person to understand telepathically what is going on in your head, which is next to impossible.

If you feel like there is no one worth communicating with or that you have no one who wants to listen to you, the answer to both is: you will ALWAYS have yourself. Talking to yourself, writing down your feelings, listening to songs, drawing or even coloring, all these things can help bring you back to your zen mode – without having to wait for someone else to intervene and help you out.

Rely on yourself more than depending on others. It will be of great help in learning more about yourself. Also, it makes a big difference in your personality when you become aware of what makes you angry, sad etc. Being aware of your own being is another key to maintaining peace within.

While trying to maintain peace between people, best to hold your tongue and try letting them sort things out. If it seems it will be impossible for the conflict to resolve, intervene and try to help, objectively and as politely as possible. You absolutely cannot be biased when resolving conflicts. A conflict can only be resolved by understanding what both sides need, and both sides need to feel that they have been heard, understood and appreciated.

Well, this is really just a summary of how you can maintain peace both within and outside.

Take care and keep the Peace alive!

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