What is peace? Has the world ever been at peace? Can the world really be at peace when the universe itself is in a state of entropy?

Entropy is a scientific term, which states that things tend to go towards disorder/chaos rather than order/harmony. Our bodies themselves move towards disorder with every passing moment. All of us are meant to die, no matter what our lifestyle is. And in the midst of the chaos in our mind, is the chaos which envelops the world. Is chaos the true nature of the Universe? Has the Creator still not found anything that is perfectly harmonious? Perhaps that is why we are such “intelligent” creatures, that we have been given this powerful mind to find the solution to entropy.ย Perhaps we were created to find out how to bring order in the Universe. But, with increasing awareness of the power we have, our greed and selfishness took over and hence the current chaos in the world.

We have started looking for life on other planets, now that our planet’s delicate balance has been lost. We are that selfish. We are willing to spend tremendous amounts of money in looking for a habitable planet, while we continue to ignore the piercing cries of our own “Mother” Earth. I think that is what we have evolved into: a bunch of Opportunists. Rather than solving the mess we have made, we throw our hands in the air, looking for another plane to destroy Do we really think we’ll change when we find another home?

It’s like giving up on a relationship that has gone from something beautiful to sour because the other person is going through a hard time, and instead of being there for them, we’d rather turn around and find someone else and leave the troubled partner to fend for themselves. Exactly what we are doing to our home planet. We are looking for ways to get out when we should be there for it, just the way it has been there for us. That is the second part of our love story with Earth.

The first part is our obsessive and possessive love for this planet, well you could also call it lust. All these wars and conflicts is just our lust for the things our planet has to offer. We fight the same way for our religions. We lust to be powerful and have everything. Whether it is land, wealth or oil. We keep pointing fingers and putting the blame on everyone who doesn’t have the same point of view. We want to flee the planet, because we don’t see our part in its troubles, and have the foolish notion that the a fresh start will change everything.

Peace. That’s where we started. We can never find it unless we unite in peace and harmony; unless we do something for our planet, instead of putting ourselves first, just as we always have. And if we die within the chaos of our imbalanced planet, at least we would have done something selfless for once.



One thought on “Entropy

  1. Perhaps if we find peace within, as we are imprints of the Earth and the stars, all made of the same energy and vibration. Then, I wonder won’t peace be within and without… Beautifully deep and intelligent writing. Thank you for sharing ๐Ÿ™‚

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