My brother showed me a movie yesterday: Rise of the Guardians, and it was wonderful! There was this bit in the movie, where North (a really cool Russian take on Santa) talks about finding your center and how it is THE thing that you are protecting on this planet. I agree; it is so important to figure out what your center/purpose is. What you are passionate about, what makes you tick and what makes you feel alive! Once you have that figured out, other things in life become clearer.

Your passion is your contribution to the world, to the society; the reason you were put in this time and space. It doesn’t have to make sense to anyone else, as long as it makes sense to you. For example, my center is helping others or selflessness. Thinking and doing more for others than I do for myself. Everything, however, should be done in balance though. While looking out for others, I forgot about myself and that is an extreme path of selflessness.

There are more gems of wisdom in the movie, and I’d suggest everyone go and watch it. It is an animated movie and like so many animated movies, it has messages and wisdom not just for children, but more importantly, for adults. And let’s face it, as adults, it is us who needs more reminders of the Hope that we once grew up with.

Find your Center!

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