Being the kid of a diplomat or expat is a hard job. Constantly changing schools and locations can have its own kind of toll that is kind of looked over. It especially gets difficult once school is over and it’s time for college.

Post-graduating from school, everyone has the anxiety of whether or not they’ll get to see their schoolmates again. It especially has added anxiety for students of international schools, where almost everyone is going to different countries for further education. Technology does come in handy for staying in touch with those who are now far away but still near to the heart, but it can never fully replace face-to-face interactions.

One can only hope that someday they’ll get to cross paths with their fellow class graduates and get to reminiscence and make more memories. The key, however, is to appreciate that everyone is moving forward, including you, and yes, as time moves on, everyone will get busy with their lives and there will be gaps between communication.

Look forward to the future and the new adventures that are yet to be embarked on. Keep those you love close to your heart, but don’t let that become an obstacle in your path. Make it your strength.

Move forward towards your bright future.

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