Everyone loves going to shower in a clean bathtub. No hair in the drain, no black dirt spots and soap bubbles from the previous occupant. The vital question is: How many of us make the effort to ensure that the bathtub is clean for the next person, who is also looking forward to a clean bathtub to shower in?

The truth is, many of us would choose to ignore the mess in the bathtub that we made. So, why have the expectation of getting a clean bathtub? They say a lot can be said about someone from the shoes that they are wearing. I think it says a lot about someone on how they leave the bathtub.

I used to be one of the many people who didn’t use to care about my mess. It is because I was living irresponsibly and with a lack of awareness. That caused a lot of mess, in not just my life but in others too. I am pretty sure you understand that I am not talking about just the bathtub anymore.

It is important to live a life of awareness; not just towards oneself, but also of others. The state the world is in today is because neither the individual is living with awareness nor the collective population. We think there will always be someone else to take care of our mess.

Go, clean the mess in the bathtub, even if it’s not your own. There will always be someone to bless you for a clean bathtub.

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