“Hurry up, go take a shower,” shouted my sister, as I walked towards my room. We were supposed to go out today, and she is leaving in three days, hence, we (read: I) needed to be efficient.

I took my towel, took off my clothes and jumped in the shower. I showered, cleaned the bathtub and brushed my teeth in under 15 minutes. I came out of the door with a loud cheer, “I am done! Who’s next?” My brother said, amazed, “So fast?” and I was glowing in the powers of my efficiency. I had already mentally planned what I wanted to wear. I was ABSOLUTELY sure I would be ready before the next person even went into the shower!

I opened my closet, took out my t-shirt, a really cute long purple thing that I had just got yesterday. I planned on wearing it with my jeggings, which I had bought a long time ago but never had anything to wear it with. That is when disaster struck.

I couldn’t find the jeggings! I took out all the clothes from my closet. NOTHING. I suddenly remembered that I had given it to Maa once. I ran to her room and opened her closet. NOTHING. I was scared of taking clothes out of her closet because I didn’t want to ruin the organization. My sister, meanwhile, was ironing her clothes in the same room. She looked at me and said, “what happened to your efficiency?”

I decided I had to take the risk and take clothes out of this closest too, and so I did. I emptied two parts of the closet. STILL NOTHING. I was stumped and panicking at that point, standing in my t-shirt and a towel wrapped around my waist. I started carefully folding and putting back Maa’s clothes in a well-organized manner. My parents had gone out and my siblings and I were trying to get ready before they came back.

My sister, done with ironing her clothes, left to take a shower, saying “I am sure I am going to be done with my shower, and you will still be here looking for your jeggings.” I really thought that was going to happen too at that point.

When I was almost done putting back all of Maa’s clothes back, the front door opened and Maa came looking for me and she was shocked to see me with her clothes in my hands. I got startled when the front door opened, and I am pretty sure some (read: many) beads of sweat had started forming on my forehead. I told her, “I can’t find the jeggings!”

Maa looked at me, then went to her closet, and from the third part, came those darn jeggings that had been evading me all this time, in just a second!

*Oh, and I got completely ready (clothes, jewelry, make-up; I even got time to eat a mango!) by the time my sister came out of the shower!

Moral of the story: Efficiency is great, but make sure to keep the outfit you mentally planned to wear, out on your bed beforehand!

Have a good weekend!

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