There comes a point in everyone’s life when they feel they cannot go on and only this is how good things can get.

Since the last couple of years, I was going down a dark tunnel and  I had begun to believe that there was nothing I could do to change my life. The truth is that it is NEVER too late to change your life. Most of the time, when we are stuck in a bad situation, it is because we are too scared to make the necessary choices and firm decisions to get out of that situation. It could be because you are attached to a person, place or even addicted to something that could be ruining your life.

I almost died at the beginning of this year, and staring at Death in the face was exactly the wake-up call I needed. It is not necessary, however, to let things get to that point, in order to change. I lived my life thinking of others, scared of displeasing people and doing anything possible to make them happy. But once I got my life back, I started cutting out of the people, things, and situations that no longer seemed right for me.

I still have a hard time speaking up and displeasing people, but that only happens with my family now. The outside world, friends included, no longer get any preferential treatment, simply because, I decided that it is time for me to look out for myself.

No matter how hard things get, always try to find solutions to make things better. Running away, cutting yourself, escaping through the use of drugs or being suicidal is not the answer. Your life is yours and, yours only.

Brighten the Darkness with the light of Change.



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