Today I woke up and broke into tears.

I have never really given much effort towards anything in life, so now that I am tirelessly pursuing a goal and not feeling that I am getting any closer is, well, a new feeling. I am having trouble coping with these new emotions. I am OVER-WORKED.

I have decided to give myself the day off; to recuperate and gather my strength so that I can once again strive purposefully and effortlessly to reach my goal.

The one thing that this new side of life has shown me is how lonely the journey to the top can be. The struggle is just too personal to be shared with those around you and yet too profound not to be shared with the world.

It has been ages since I have posted, but everything going inside my head right now needed an outlet; an outlet, which had the possibility of reaching those who needed it and silent understanding for those who should pass by it.

My head is hurting; I feel weak and it is taking all my strength not to break into tears again. This is how I know I have been working too hard without listening to either my mind or body.

Today is all about doing whatever brings relaxation! I hope it will help! Somewhere in the back of my mind, I know this is precious time being wasted but I know if I continue over-working myself there will be a point where I simply will not be capable of pursuing my goal.

I’ll let you know if a day’s break works!



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