How much pressure does a person have to be in to finally give in to the wishes of others? This is a question that has been a base root of the many regrets I have in life. There are people in our lives who want what they think is best for us. But, what about we want as individuals and our wishes?

There is a certain block in my life that constantly bugs me and stops me from living my life the way I want to. The block is that I am unemployed and so have a big dependency on family financially. The question in this situation is: Does being financially dependent on someone mean that you have to listen to their every whim and advice that they have on how you should be living your life?

This is something that I have constantly struggled with and continue struggling with till this day. These days I have been day-dreaming about the time when I will have my dream job and can finally live life the way I want to. That day seems so far away and my actions and laziness are not at all helping me in securing the dream I want. And that I realize is a major flaw from my side.

I am so busy day-dreaming about the life I want, that I am unable to focus on the hard-work that is required to attain my dream job and hence my dream life. I have always thought that money is something that does not dictate relationships and comes third to love and happiness, respectively. My opinion on that, however, is being challenged. And when being challenged, it is important to make crucial changes in life that will help in moving forward.

So, for me, I guess the only way forward for now is to do hard work regularly, consistently and faithfully; and pray to God/Goddess that I finally get the life that I have been waiting for.

I am tired of feeling like a loser and having no freedom. I am tired of always hiding things and being afraid of the consequences of the actions I make and the decisions I take. I want my life back and that is exactly what I am going to be fighting to obtain.

Forward and Onward, to Glorious Freedom!

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