In these past couple of days, I have come to realize that humans killing humans has now become an inherent natural way of life. In the beginning, when there were just a handful of civilizations strewn about the Earth, they:

(a) had no idea that the other existed (most probably)

(b) had similar religions and hence no reason to fight against each other

(c) loved peace and prosperity and could achieve it without killing everyone else off.

Yet of course, those civilizations still died off. Which, to be honest, is understandable, as anything man-made cannot possibly last forever.

In our time, however, we haven’t really seen peace. I was born in 1992, just a year after the great USSR got disintegrated and the Cold War had finally come to an end (did it though really?) and the world temporarily knew peace.

Now, with everything happening in the world and so many conflicts going on all around the world and a possible world war 3 drastically becoming a reality, peace seems to be all the more a far fetched fantasy.

Most of the Western world, is now involved in the Syrian conflict. And the Middle Eastern countries have made an alliance together (leaving out Syria, Iran and Iraq) and Russia is gearing up its allies for war in Syria and everything is going completely haywire in the world! Africa and its on-going conflicts has gone off the radar in the media and hence in the public eye.

The East which seems to be enjoying peace, is being struck by the force of Mother Nature instead! Constant earthquakes in the Himalayan belt, is now making people realize that something bigger is coming and some potential change is about to happen to the Himalayas (that last part is something that I realize, don’t know about other people).

So yeah, while humans are busy killing humans for God knows what purpose, Mother Nature has joined in too! Mother Nature be like, ‘yo! you forgot this part of the world, but don’t worry! Imma be giving them natural disasters. Just helping you out!’

Humans killing humans, Mother Nature killing humans, God sitting upstairs and watching everything unfold. He probably doesn’t want to save us either, so he simply watches and make notes, making sure (hopefully) that his next creation is more peace loving and filled with brotherly and sisterly love towards each other. I am still kind of rooting and hoping that there is a Goddess who is running the scene though, then I know for sure, that there is a better creation on its way after us humans get wiped off the face of the planet.

*fingers crossed for a better future for the planet*

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