Third day of the new year and this year is turning out to be pretty interesting. I had ordered a book that I have been really eager to read and it arrived bright and early in the morning!

It is Leo Tolstoy’s ‘Childhood, Boyhood, Youth’. I have already read ‘War and Peace’ by him and he is such a phenomenal author. The way he describes everything, from setting the scene to bringing fictional characters to life. His books even after all these years, have this freshness and universality that still moves and connects with readers today.

‘War and Peace’ has the most number of characters and is a long read, but it is absolutely worth it! Youngsters in a time of peace, who have enjoyed a high rank in society, go to participate in war and return completely changed to their old lives and understand the deeper meaning of life.

I am super excited to start reading his novel ‘Childhood, Boyhood, Youth’ which covers his growing years. He wrote this trilogy in his early twenties, and I think being at the same stage in life, this novel might just help me give some insight about the next step that I should take in life.


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