As much as I dislike (hate is too strong a word) winters and the chilliness and depression it sets on, I love sleeping all day and a warm bed is just the perfect way to hibernate through the winters – Especially when you do not have a job or any other obligation that drags you outside the house every winter morning.

Not having anything to do for a certain period of time in life, is a great way of just taking a step back and looking at your life from an outside perspective. Even if the break is forced on to you.

Having a lot of free time on your hands can result in laziness at its best but that is okay. Because in that laziness and free time of thinking and doing nothing, something is just going to click and a bulb will light up inside your head, showing you your next step in life.

Breaks are good. And it doesn’t matter if you are behind your peers, at least when you reach your destination, you will be happy and satisfied.

Cheers to hibernating through winters and having nothing to do!

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