It is the first day of the new year. To be honest, as years pass by I seem to understand the concept of new year’s eve and the new year,  less and less. People are so excited when a bad year comes to an end, as if the new one will miraculously be better when the clock strikes at midnight and the year becomes a year older.

As a kid, new year’s eve was such an excited rush of wonderment thinking, ‘wow! how can like a year even end? what does it mean?’ As a teenager, it was all about the partying and as a young adult (first time I ever called myself that!), the magic and miracle of the start of a new year continues to diminish further and further.

What we expect is that when a new year starts, its like a reset button, whereby you forget the past, start living in the present and work on making a better future for yourself. We all make at least one resolution and break it pretty much in the first few hours of the brand new year.

I broke one of my resolutions already of being more hopeful for this year. I am still hopeful, of course that things will get better in the future, but I have become disillusioned with the idea that just because its a new year, does not mean that everything is going to happen perfectly and smoothly. A new year is like the continuation of a television series, its a new season! And with every television series, it is going to have laughter, smiles and happiness but also, tears, anger and struggle and existential crises.

So yeah, a new year does not really change anything in anyone’s life. Being hopeful and optimistic is great, of course but do not expect too much from a year that is barely 11 and a half hours old. Somethings are going to stay the same forever, some will change within the span of this year, some might even change in a day! But not everything will magically fix and sort itself just because its the first day of a new year.

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