All of us have something to write about. It could be about something that interests us, something that is a hobby of ours that we would like to share with the world, or simply thoughts in our mind that we need to get out and share to let them go.

None of the above reasons is why I started writing this blog.

I am writing for the thing that I am missing in life: long, intelligent, deep conversations. I have a different way of looking at the world. I write in the hope that someone would comment something on my posts that invokes a discussion, a conversation that challenges people and their way of life.

My posts could be about anything really: science, politics, spirituality, philosophy, psychology – anything. What I write about however, will have a different perspective though. My personal one, but one that challenges the common perspective.

I started this blog to find similar people- people who have their own take on the way this world is working. Or even, find people who will argue and quarrel and challenge the way I see the world.

Great conversations lead to great things I believe and nothing is more important in this day and time than continuous learning and self-growth. And I want my blog to help others and myself to grow.

Leo Murasaki.


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