We all have fears that stop us from being the people we truly want to be. Fear can be about anything: what people might think, the consequences of taking a risk, or simply making a decision that could alter your life for good, or bad.

My greatest fear is me holding myself back from my true potential. I want to change the world, unite people and erase all boundaries that we, as humans, have created and forgotten the greatest gift of all: unity in diversity. My ambitions are big, I know. Sometimes, I just want to give up on the dream and let go so I can live my life just like everyone else.

There are a lot of fears that can bring us down during the day that we keep distracting ourselves from but those fears come gnawing out at night to haunt us. I used to be the cheery kid.I would love to spend time with friends and have a good time. But in the last couple of months, that all has seemed to change. I seemed to understand the problem just a few days ago. I need people who are on a similar level as me. There is so much going on in my head, that it just makes me feel so lonely that I have no one to talk to.

Scratch that. My greatest fear is trying to change the world alone and probably dying alone with all my thoughts sucking the life out of me.

2 thoughts on “Greatest Fear.

  1. Congratulations on your Blogger Recognition Award!
    I may not be one of the people you would want to engage in long and intellectual conversations….maybe when I was in college I was better at that!
    I wish I could say I identify with your fears….I am pretty darn fearless! But I KNOW you can find lots of people like yourself here. Blogging 101 is GREAT. I like today’s assignment, to visit 5 new blogs and to use a “tag” in my reader to find other like-minded people, at least 5. WOW, I found too many.
    My life is pretty well consumed with traveling full-time and spending as much time as possible with our grandsons (both under 2 by our only daughter).
    But I do love to check in on new bloggers and encourage them. This is a great place, the blogosphere…as long as everyone is civil! So far in my experiences, they have been. But I’ve seen where there are some cruel and unkind people. I avoid them.


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