As predicted the talks in Venice failed as the different players could not come to a decision. Another round of talks is supposed to take place in two weeks.

USA is ready to deploy its troops on the ground in Syria where it is likely for them to run into Russian military and also possibly the Iranian military.

Other than the key players that were present at the talks (mentioned in the previous post), Britain, France, Germany, Italy and other European Union countries and Arab countries were present at the talks.

If the USA runs into Russian and Iranian military, World War 3 is inevitable. Major players on the world stage have already taken sides and while the round of talks have been scheduled after two weeks, there is no telling what will happen next.

All we can do is wait and watch. Right?

But if all this was happening with your own country, would you still wait and watch? Damascus, the capital of Syria is already ruined. Would you still wait and watch if your own capital city was ruined? Of course you would stand up and fight. But, it is not your capital city, it is not your religion, it is not your country. So you sit and watch.

That is how low our humanity has become. Unless the problem hits home, it is not our problem. Then wait and watch till World War 3 arrives. Wait till it is too late.

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