The Syrian war has been going on for the past five years; the talks in Venice tonight might just bring an end to it. Right?


Five nationalities will be a part of the talks in Venice tonight, out of which Syria is not included. The war in Syria is the main topic of discussion and there is no representative from Syria? That is International Diplomacy for you!

The different thing about the talks this time is that Iran is being included in the talks for the first time. Also, the United States of America and its two allies Turkey and Saudi Arabia, who are supporting the Syrian opposition, have also changed their stance and now are saying that Assad’s regime does not have to end right now, it can end at a later period once the war is over.

This sudden change of stance, could be because of Russia’s sudden presence on the ground in the war zone. Russia has begun showing its presence on the world stage in recent years and has become more assertive and loud against America and their agenda in the Middle East. Russia and Iran are both part of tonight’s talks and both are supporting the Assad regime.

The war in Syria has displaced many in the Middle East and the surge of refugees is creating tension in Europe, with many European countries having closed their borders and other European countries still taking in refugees, this is causing border conflicts.

Russia taking a stance against America may seem like the old Cold War days, but Russia has a point. America being a democratic capitalist society wants to spread its ideology in the world. It wants the whole world to conform being the same kind of economy and government that it is. America went to war with Iraq and Libya, and both leaders there were dictators. And while, the media and the American government would like to show that the reasons for war were legitimate, or that post-war these countries have become better off, its all lies to fool the world audience. America has an oil grabbing agenda as well in the Middle East and it is easier for them to get that oil if the governments in these countries are under the rule of presidents chosen by the American government.

Russia and Iran have very different political and economical ideologies from that of America. While that may seem like a bad thing, think about this: What fun would it be if all human beings were the same? The world has diversity: diversity in colour, diversity in religion, in language, customs, ideologies. The problem is that the country in power seeks only to divide us in the name of that diversity, while instead, we should rejoice in the differences and unite even more strongly because the things that make us different, also makes us as human beings and as a species special.

Coming back, to the Syrian conflict and the talks that are about to take place in Venice tonight.

We can all hope and pray that this conflict comes to an end and Syria and other Middle Eastern countries that are being ruined by conflict can see peace again and rebuild themselves and their countries. The real power is in the hand of the countries that are going to sit down and talk tonight and hopefully they will reach a conclusion that benefits all of humanity.


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